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Dude, I can’t believe it!!

Romello, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m in my bathroom “pretending” I have to pee. A few weeks ago I sent you an email about this married woman that I’ve been dreaming about getting with. Remember? Well, here’s an update: As I type this, she’s in my bed! We’ve been going all night long!

I’m making this email quick cause I have to get back for “Round 3”, but I just wanted you to know that if it wasn’t for me reading your book, this sexy as fuck married chick wouldn’t be butt naked in my bed right now!!!

Aaron T., Dallas, TX

Welcome to the #1 destination on the web for guys who want to bang the love of your life.

My name is Romello Mack and for almost 20 years, right out of high school, I’ve been developing, defining and refining my game as a player, a womanizer. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m NOT your average player.

See, I ‘specialize’ in a certain area- I’m a self-proclaim expert at sleeping with married women! That’s right, I have years of experience chasing (and being chased after) other men’s wives. And man, let me tell you: It’s been one hell of a ride!

I slept with my first married woman when I was about 18 years old (I’m in my mid 30’s now) and I’ve been seducing other men’s wives ever since.


My experience as a married woman ‘skirt chaser’ has been filled with excitement-both pleasure and pain! There’s never been a dull moment and though I do have some regrets I wouldn’t change a thing because my experiences have made me the ‘playa, playa’ I am today.

But you know what…enough about me (at least for right now). Let’s talk about YOU. As I said in the video, you have a ‘secret’ and I know what it is: You’re attracted to a married woman (or maybe several of them) and even though you know it’s ‘wrong’, you want to get her in your bed…

I’ve been in your shoes many times before, in fact, I’m permanently in those shoes because that’s how I live!

I’ve been able to take my fantasies about sleeping with another man’s wife and turn them into reality so many times because I’ve been rejected by married women many more times, learned from my mistakes and ‘soaked up the game’ from more experienced, ‘old school’ guys who have showed me how to think, act and what to say to seduce any woman, even the married ones!

At this point, I have almost two decades worth of knowledge and experience seducing the kind of women who I’m not supposed to be able to seduce- happily (and not so happily) married women.

So, to keep it real, because I’m quite the enterprising guy anyway, I thought, “Why not write a book sharing my knowledge and experience with having affairs with married women?

That’s what I did.


How To Sleep With His Wife is a detailed, thorough, no fluff, and no holds barred guide on how to have affairs.

Broken down into six sections, the book is fully packed with strategies on how to get a married woman in your bed and it includes cautionary tales, ‘straight up, no chaser’ type of advice and real life experiences from guys that have ‘been there and done that’ with married women.

Before I go any further and tell you more about what’s actually in the book, read this very carefully: If you think you’re just too scared or too reckless to handle a blueprint on how to get a married woman in your bed than I’m going to stress that you click off this webpage NOW.

This book is NOT for every guy dreaming about banging the married neighbor next door. Guys that are afraid or lack any sense of control and common sense… need not apply.

This book is for guys that are (or at least honestly feel they can be after reading the manual) smart, shrewd, sneaky, shifty, spontaneous, and sure enough to pursue and seduce married women without pissing in their pants or getting killed!

Does this sound like you? Not sure?

Well, let’s go ahead and break down each section of the book and you can decide for yourself if you’re ready to dig into all of the content in the book…

To read “quick & dirty” descriptions of each chapter in the book, CLICK HERE.

Chapter 1: The ‘Cold As Ice’ Game
There are certain ‘issues’ you must confront and overcome right off the bat if you’re ever going to be successful seducing married women and getting away with it.

You have to become ‘cold as ice’ within your psyche and we’re going to put your issues on the table and nip ‘em in the bud from the moment you start reading the book…

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • Does it feel as if you have an almost obsessive attraction to married women…learn why this is so and what you can do to satisfy your desires.
  • What “secrets” players (and pimps) know about married women…and how you can use their inside info to attract another man’s wife almost immediately.
  • Ever heard this saying: “The way you start out is the way you end up”. Well, whether you’re familiar with the saying or not, discover how this principle applies to the nature of your relationship with a married woman. If you live by this principle you will pretty much know from the very beginning whether you can actually sleep with a married woman (or any woman regardless her of martial status) or whether you should just keep it moving and look for someone else…
  • Though you claim to be “down” with getting it on with another man’s wife, the truth is, something could very well be holding you back, in fact, several factors could prevent you from doing what you really want to do. I’ll put all of the issues that are holding you back out there on the table; tell you what they are, how to overcome them AND how to identify the issues that married women will have (some of them being the same as yours) when it comes to getting involved with you, so that you can ‘squash it’ and get them in your bed!
  • How to seduce a woman that is truly happily married- I mean, she’s really devoted and committed to her husband. It’s one hell of a challenge and it might seem impossible at first but here’s the way you can pull it off if you really want her…
  • Why is a married woman often easier to seduce than a single chick? Once you learn the reason you’ll almost prefer to pursue other men’s wives, maybe even exclusively!
  • Why a song lyric from a legendary rap artist is the mantra you should live by if you’re interested in a woman that happens to be married…The kind of guy you MUST be and the mindset you MUST have if you’re ever going to really be successful at sleeping with other men’s wives.
  • About 18 years ago when I was just in my teens, an old school friend of mine told me something simple but profound about approaching women and how to handle the chance of being rejected. But it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I was finally able to “get it”, and once YOU “get it”, you’ll be able to make a move on that married chick that you’ve had your eye on…
  • The type of married woman that you should NEVER, EVEREVER get involved with. I’m DEAD SERIOUS! It’s just not worth it!
Chapter 2: The Attraction Game
This section is really the meat-and-potatoes of the book. You can’t be successful with seducing married women if you don’t understand what attracts them to certain men and what makes them unable to resist temptation to have an affair.

You also need to understand who you are, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how to identify the right type of married chick that best fits your style…

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • Two very different (but both very effective) strategies you must know and be able to master if you want to successfully seduce a married woman.
  • Married women fall into different categories; learn how to ‘specialize’ with a particular type of married woman based on the concept of using your strengths as a sexual weapon to exploit her weaknesses.
  • How you can be successful with married women even when you’re in ‘unique circumstances’ that you don’t even control! It’s not about what you want, it’s about what she wants, and I’m going to show you how to be the tasty ‘entree’ she likes when she orders from the menu!
  • A strategy that makes married women actually pursue you!  When you learn how this strategy work, you’re likely to be skeptical about its effectiveness, but it works so well because of a certain unfulfilled need that all women but especially married women have.
  • Having an affair with a married woman is all about opportunity, but most guys ‘miss the boat’.  Learn how to be at the right place, at the right time so that you will definitely be ready when another man’s wife wants to be naughty.
  • Learn why you should never let her take the “lead” in your quest to a hot and heavy love affair.  Instead, master a specific skill that will have a married woman questioning her feelings for her husband because she’s so drawn to you.
  • Women are guilty of stereotyping men right from the first meeting. Most women will think they have you all figured out after just 5 minutes of conversation or simply by “checking you out”.  Learn how to be keenly aware of the stereotype (good and/or bad) that fits you and develop a persona that pleasantly surprises a married woman, increases her curiosity and eventually leads her right to your bed.
  • At some point in just about any marriage, a woman will get bored with her husband and with her life in general. She feels suffocated! Learn what you need to do and say to be THE man to give her the breath of fresh air that she so badly wants and needs in her life.
  • There is one thing that a married man will do that is often the #1 reason why his wife will end up stepping out on him.  Find out what it is and how it almost guarantees his naked wife served to you on a platter! (You might think you know the #1 reason but do you really know how to take advantage of it??)
  • Learn effective ways to use eye contact and body language (and how to accurately read a married woman’s body language and eye contact) to get another’s man woman “hungry” to sneak away to be with you. It takes plenty of practice but once you learn these skills, you’ll be able to get next to married women even if their husbands are in the same room!
  • A strategy you can use that causes a married woman to accept the “challenge” of trying to get with you! This is a really shrewd one!
  • There is one thing that just about every woman struggles with at some point in her life- here’s how you can easily seduce married women who struggle with this…
  • How to “fake it ‘til you make it”…what does this mean?  Well, I’ll show you how to project a specific image (even if it’s not really who you are) that makes you 10 times more desirable to married women.
  • How to spot the married woman in a group of girlfriends hanging out; how to approach her and what to say that makes her feel special and makes her single girlfriends jealous
  • How to use the things you’re passionate about to meet and seduce a married woman who is long overdue for a hot and heavy affair.
  • Are you a shy guy? Guess what? So am I. I’m going to show you how to use shyness as an advantage so that it works in your favor to get even the most outgoing married chick (I’ll reveal the best type of married woman to pursue without even trying if you’re a shy dude)…
  • There’s a saying in business that can be applied to pursing married women and once you adopt this saying in your social life you’ll easily be able to get over rejection and reach near perfection when you approach another man’s lady…
  • Are you married or in a relationship with your girlfriend? Here’s how to find out if “something’s going on” between your wife/girlfriend and another man. (My father gave me this ‘heads up’ tip years ago and it works like a charm)
  • The type of married women that are “easy prey” to have an affair with…You absolutely MUST rely on this ‘list’ because it’ll give you a large pool of married women to have affairs with anytime you want. I’m telling you: each one of these women are just waiting (almost desperately) to crawl into bed with you!
  • The type of television programming popular with women that you can watch that’ll actually give you ‘valuable’ insights on how affairs happen and what it takes to seduce married women (it’s actually an entire network and no, it’s not the Lifetime channel). Just as importantly, the television programming will also reveal the possible dangers of having affairs and how to avoid them while still having a ‘good time’ with another man’s wife!
Chapter 3: The Mind Game
Too many guys will identify and approach women without first having a strong understanding of how women think. This is a BIG no-no!

You’re absolutely setting yourself up to fail with women, and ESPECIALLY married ones if you don’t take the time to study their feelings and thoughts while getting your own mindset in the proper state. But don’t sweat it, because I got you covered…

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • There is a strategy that too many men use when pursuing another man’s wife that almost never works. Learn what the clueless technique is and why you should obviously not use it if you’re really determined to have an affair with a married woman.
  • Don’t be fooled: The ability to seduce a woman who is attached to someone else is a mental game. How to put your “mind to work” when pursuing a woman you’re not supposed to have; a married woman who initially is likely to be resistant to your advances.
  • How to rule a married woman’s mind so that all she does is think about you anywhere and at anytime – even if she’s in bed with her husband!
  • If you really want to take your affair with a married woman to another level, learn how to think and act “like a pimp” to get money, clothes, jewelry, cars…if she has it (or can get it), she’ll give it you!
  • Learn why being married yourself (or at least involved in a long-term relationship) makes you the perfect “candidate” to have an affair with a married woman.
  • A rather clever technique you can use that makes a married woman want you more…use this effectively and she will aggressively “do all of the work” and pursue you relentlessly.
  • While your personal appearance is obviously important and being a successful person is always a plus, I’ll reveal to you why all of that is somewhat overrated– particularly when it comes to the pursuit of a married woman, and how you can get just about any woman you want just from being who you are (this can be accomplished because of how she ‘sees life’ now that she’s married)…
Chapter 4: The ‘Walk and Talk’ Game
Ok, once you have a firm grasp of how a married woman thinks and you’re in the right state of mind, do you know what to say and what to do when the opportunity arises to get with her?

Mastering conversation is very important but so is ‘the chase’. You can’t pursue a married woman the same way you would do with a single one.

What you say and what you do to ‘have a good time’ with a married woman (in more ways than one) requires a totally unique approach. You have to be able to walk the walk, and talk the talk

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • How to recognize a “slick” tactic that married women often use as a way to easily manipulate their husbands so that you will know what their true motives are and how to take advantage of it.
  • There’s an easy way to spark the interest of a married woman with children. You’ll have an advantage over other men (including her husband) in getting her attention because most men will never utilize this strategy largely due to their egos.
  • Conversation is the key to knowing what a woman wants. Yes, it seems obvious, but once you master the skill of being able to decipher what she says and develop an instinct for knowing what she wants to say, but doesn’t, you’ll be able to get just about any married woman you want to-without actually having to talk too much!
  • What you should NEVER do if you’re involved with a married woman. Most guys will slip up and commit this critical mistake due to their egos. If you make this mistake than you can pretty much EXPECT to deal with drama!
  • The best and worst places to go when you’re with a married woman…and believe me, this will either make or break your relationship with her!
  • How to use online dating websites and social networking sites to meet lonely, desperate housewives hungry for a little “computer love”.
  • How to “safely” flirt with a married woman when she’s with her husband, making her want to get with you, ASAP! Yes, that’s right, player, I’m going to show you how to pursue a woman while her husband is in the room (even if he’s standing right next to her).
  • A strategy you can use when approaching a beautiful married woman…it may seem like a no-win, but this technique feeds her ego while opening the door for you to make your move.
  • What I learned from watching an “old school” player’s interaction with women that will give you the skills and swagger you need to make so-called happily married women want to get it on with you.
  • There seems to be a ‘text your ex back’ faze going on these days. That’s cool, but I still think the tried and true method works the best whether you’re trying to get a woman back in your life or trying to get a married woman in your bed! Learn what this method is and how to use it to completely sweep married women off their feet!
  • A woman gives up certain goals and interests when they get married and start a family. How to “play the role” and be the man her husband could never be when she makes up her mind to “take back” her life.
  • If you’re a single guy out there in the dating scene, here’s a technique you can use to “quietly” seduce a married woman who is actually interested in your love life….the twist is, SHE will be the one to end up in your bed!
  • All women want to laugh and have a good time and many married women NEED laughter in their lives. How to develop, build and master a sense of humor that’s magnetic; attract a married woman with comedy and then “close the deal” with passion.
  • It’s easy to approach a married woman once you realize the BIGGEST difference between her and a single chick, this may surprise you…
  • If you really want to know how to have married women (or women in general) chasing you then here’s the kind of guys you should hang around in order to receive a ‘world class education’ on persuasion and seduction…
Chapter 5: The Sex Game

This is what every horny guy wants- to get a woman in his bed! Hey, who I am to disagree? But you don’t want to have so much ego that you just assume you’re ‘equipped’ to satisfy the married chick you want if and when you get her in the bed! You can’t be arrogant and you can’t be timid either!

When that moment comes, you must be ready to ‘put it down’ the right way and you can only do that once you change how you approach sex especially when you’re involved with a married woman…

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • Why having an affair with a married woman will actually help you conquer the singles dating game.
  • Great sex is what many women are missing in their marriages. Learn why satisfying a married woman in the bedroom is different than sex with a single chick… and how to pick up the “skills” you’ll need in the bedroom to have a married woman want you more and more and more
  • Is your girlfriend’s best friend a married woman…and you want to sleep with her? Here’s how to do it without getting caught!
  • How to sleep with two or more friends that are all married! I’m going to give you the blueprint on how to have married women competing with each other to be with you!
  • What my father once told me about women that has always stuck with me…there is only one objective that you must have and successfully accomplish when dealing with a married woman and you must do this sooner than later because once you do, you’ll immediately have total control from the very beginning of what could end up being a very intense love affair.
  • There’s another thing that most women typically have to deal with as they get older and it often impacts married women more than it does single women. Learn what it is and how you can play on this insecurity to make a women feel good about herself…it’ll also help you get laid!
Chapter 6: The Exit Game
Hey, good times come and good times go and you must know when to close the door on a fling or affair with a married woman, or when to take it to that next level if that’s what you and her both want.

You also must understand the real dangers of having an affair with a married woman and how to ‘safely’ deal with conflict and confrontation as a result of rolling around in the hay with her!

Lastly, though you might not see the connection, your ‘successful’ affairs with married women might make you a formidable force in other areas of life…

In this section, you will learn:

  • The thrill of having an affair with a married woman can give you a lot of swagger but it can also be very risky. Learn how to avoid the dangers (such as the real possibility of her husband finding out) when you’re involved with a married woman and most importantly exactly when you need to get out of the affair before the you know what hits the fan.
  • How to keep a married woman who you’re sleeping with “on your team” for pretty much as long as you want. It’s true that being involved with a married woman for a lengthy period of time can be ‘high maintenance’ (not to mention, very risky) but there are some real benefits to an intense, long-term affair…
  • What you must keep in mind if the married woman you’re involved with actually leaves her husband to be with you and how to use that insight to keep you in complete control of the relationship.
  • Is your ex now a “happily” married woman? Learn how to rekindle the flame that used to burn in the relationship to get her back in YOUR bed…
  • How having an affair with a married woman can be a powerful way to boost your “swagger” so that you can excel at a high level in other areas of your life.
  • Let’s say you and the married woman you’re having an affair with actually fall in love…now what? If she’s really into you and you really want to be with her, here’s how to completely take her away from her husband and out of her marriage so that you can have her all to yourself!
  • The mindset and preparedness that you MUST always have in the event (and it’s a real possibility) that you end up in a confrontation with a woman’s husband!

Whoa!!! I must say that’s a lot of red arrows!! This book is stuffed with life-changing information on how to be a true player that can seduce any woman including the ones who have said, “I do” to another man! It’s a great deal of information and it’s probably going to take you at least a few weeks to fully absorb everything that’s in this book.

But you’ll learn in just days what it took me almost 2 decades to master!*They say that experience is the best teacher. It’s true. That’s why in the book I share some of my real life experiences as well as stories and advice from my father, my mentor – a guy named Blue (two ‘OG’ players), and other guys that I’ve met or hung out with over the years.

Once You Finish Reading This Manual You’ll Become a ‘Certified Expert at the Art of Having Affairs…

If you read the book, you can simply keep this ‘information’ in your mind just to add to your breadth of ‘knowledge’, or you can use your newly acquired ‘expertise’ to seduce married women that are in need of your ‘services’; one after the other, again and again…and again…and again! Ok, you may be asking yourself: Does the strategies in the book really work?

Good question. Well, the answer is “yes”, but of course, I wrote the book so what else would you expect me to say? But here’s what I did: I sent a pre-release copy of the book to a small group of guys from various backgrounds and locations.

I wanted to get some honest feedback from real guys to see what they thought about the information in the book (whether they felt it was truly useful or just a load of crap) but most importantly, I also wanted to find out if they had any positive (or negative) feelings or results after they read the book. They agreed to share their real names and locations but as far their faces…um, absolutely NOT

Over 9,863 satisfied readers from all over the world have purchased my work, but here’s what a few of them said about How To Sleep With His Wife

“I’m not new to the world of pursuing girls (single ones) and how to persuade and seduce them to get them in bed. I’m married, and happened to stumbled upon a married woman that has given me clear signs of interest for the longest time.

I decided to take it slow and be more careful and conservative on my approach in expressing to this beautiful woman my interest in her. I invited this girl several times to hang out but she would cancel at the very last minute. I would say it got frustrating and exhausting.

Time passed by (over a year!) and I got involved with other girls and things cooled off with me and the married woman. We would send each other emails and occasionally see each other around town, but that was it.

Recently I started seeing her more frequently and we have started to talk more and more. She kept being flirtatious towards me and I was the same way. But part of me was insecure in what to say and how to act. I started to question myself and my tactics.

I did a search on how to date a married woman and this awesome guide came up. I bought the e-book and I couldn’t put it down not for a second! Immediately it showed me all the things I was doing wrong and all the things I did right.

Believe me, even with my experience dealing with single girls, a married woman is a whole different ball park. Romello explains in detail the different approach a man should take to succeed in the pursuit of a married woman in a clear and direct manner that only a person with this kind of experience can explain.

I felt I was talking to an old buddy of mine who was giving me encouragement and showing me all the steps necessary to conquer this beautiful woman.

I’m still in pursuit of this married woman, and I realized I should’ve been more aggressive at the beginning, less dragging as Romello puts it in one of his chapters. It doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t conquer her, but Romello’s expertise has taught me I have to act NOW.

My confidence has matured, and I know I have to be persistent. Not only with women, but in everything I do and try to achieve my ultimate goal. I owe much of my new and improved swagger to this book!

Mario P., Dallas, TX

“This woman I’m trying to get with threw me a curve last week, but I didn’t want to just give up on getting with her. If she was into me one day, there had to still be some interest there, I reasoned….

The book is fantastic!! A lot of what I have read made me sit up and take notice. It’s almost like you were sitting right there in the same room, showing me what I specifically did wrong, what I should have done, what I should have said…”

Wallace P., Evansville, IN

“What you said in the chapter about how you start out versus how you end up when you’re involved with a woman really blew me away! It was so simple but it changed my approach toward women. I recently met a married woman and I haven’t got with her yet but I think I’m well on my way because I started out so strong.”

Roland E., Roseville, CA

“I have to admit, I’ve always been attracted to married ladies! I just couldn’t bring myself to seriously go after a woman if she was married. The book really challenged me right in the very beginning. You pretty much laid out my fears. It was like you were speaking directly to me!

Ken K., Alexandria, VA

“I never thought it was easier to get with a married woman over a single chick but then I read your book. You know, I think you’re right. I figured married women are tied down by their husbands, but your theory makes sense. Who would have thought that they have a license to cheat….”

Robert K., Dayton, OH

“I overcomplicate things all of the time when it comes to talking to women. What your mentor Blue told you is the simplest way to look at approaching a woman but it’s hard to see it that way when she’s in your face. I feel so silly when I think back to all those times in the past when I couldn’t even approach a woman because I was too much in my own head. I’m sure I’m still going to struggle with the risk of rejection but now I’m ready to talk to any woman and that means the married ones too!”

Kevin B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Just think: I can just be who I am and get married chicks! Dude, you are crazy! But you know what? I believe it! What you said about being yourself is what I do every day with single chicks. But now I know how I can use it with married chicks! I’ll keep you posted…”

Isaac J., Spokane, WA

“Wow!!!! The ____________ technique is nuts! I think the technique would really work for me because I’m a quiet guy. You explained how to use it in a way that will grab a woman’s attention. There’s a married woman at my job that I really like, man. She’s hot so she gets attention from guys at work. I’m going to try this technique on her and see what happens.”

John C.., Irvine, CA

“Oh snap!! There’s this high class married chick at the building where I work…she is beautiful! I know she’s married. I can never get up enough nerve to approach her. I just know she wouldn’t be interested in me. I work in her building but I’m not in her tax bracket! What you said about stereotypes has given me a plan that I can use to get next to her. Thanks. I can’t wait until Monday morning!”

Eric P., Greensboro, NC

“The chapter about how to spot a married chick in a group of ladies and what to say once I approach her….man, I like it. I like it so much that I tried it and it worked! You should have seen the looks on her girlfriends’ faces! We exchanged numbers. I haven’t seen her since that night but she’s been sneaking away from her husband to talk to me whenever she gets a chance. It’s only a matter of time before we jump in the sack together…”

Elton W., Chicago, IL

“Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! I knew these females were up to something! I’ve seen with my own eyes women running the ____________ technique on an entire roomful of people, including me! It’s this married woman I know…I’ve seen her play this role many times but I didn’t go with my gut on what was really going on. What you said in the book confirms my gut feeling. Next time I see her I’m going to call her out and hopefully get her to go out with me!”

Danny S., Allentown, PA

“There’s a woman that lives in my apartment complex. She’s married to this guy. Me and him aren’t really friends we’re more like acquaintances. To be honest, I talk to her more than I do him. The woman is sexy, but I’ve never tried anything. She’s been wanting to hook me up with women she knows. After flipping through your book (I didn’t read it all cover to cover yet), now I know exactly what I need to do to hook up with her!

Nathan T., Peoria, AZ

It’s funny that you sent me a copy of your book because I have had a few affairs with married women. I didn’t set out to have the affairs, they all just sort of happened. I have to say that I wish I had read your book before I got involved in the affairs. I was in a situation with this one married woman that was very similar to what your boy Blue went through back in the day. I would have avoided a lot of drama if I had read ‘The Exit Game’ section in your book when I was dealing with that crazy chick!

Lawrence P., Washington, D.C.

All of the emails I received weren’t positive. This book is not for everybody. Unlike other authors, I don’t mind sharing negative criticism because like I always say, “It is what it is…”

“I’m a married man. My marriage is not perfect but I can’t condone messing around with another guy’s wife! Come on, man! If my wife cheated on me with another guy I’ll be devastated! You can put out your little book if you want to but I refuse to read it!”

Steven L., Charlotte, NC

….It’s all good. I respect the guy’s opinion. I guess he somehow ended up on the wrong email list! I just have one problem with what he said: Why did he have to call my book “little”?

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I gotta tell you: I have certainly received some interesting emails from players (and wanna-bee players) who have bought my ebook. I enjoy reading feedback from guys but it’s quite amazing how determined some of them are to seduce some married chicks!

Since the release of the book and the launch of my blog, I have had several dudes contact me offering to pay thousands of dollars for one-on-one coaching! You would be surprised of the kind of numbers I’m talking about!

Hey, I’m not going to lie, I’ve done a little “coaching” in the past, but, generally, I decline one-on-one services because your boy Romello has so many other things going on (and more things brewing…) and I just don’t have the time. Besides, 9 times out of 10 it’s just not necessary.

If you read my manual, the bonuses and all of the stuff on my blog (that I try to update at least weekly), you will earn a P.H.D. in seducing any woman, but particularly married ladies…

Before you snatch up your copy of How To Sleep With His Wife I’m going to ‘sweeten’ the deal even more by offering a few bonuses:

Special Report
How To Start an Affair With Your Married Co-Worker in 7 Days {PDF}!

The most common affair happens between co-workers! In fact, I bet you know two co-workers at your job that are fooling around with each other! The workplace is the perfect place to have an affair. This special report will show you exactly how to approach your married co-worker, what to do and say to get her interested in ‘working overtime’ with you…and it’ll only take you about a week!

Audio Transcript
Conversation at the Bar {PDF}

Bartenders are some of the most social people that you’ll ever meet. Believe me, bartenders know things about people that no one else knows. One of my friends, Marvin, has been a bartender for several years and has shared many stories with me over the years about his experiences interacting with married women.

Marvin agreed to kick it with me (like we always do anyway) about the ‘secrets’ married women keep; we cover several things in our conversation such as how guys pick up married women at a bar. This is a conversation that you definitely want to eavesdrop on…

Short Story 
How To Steal a Hustler’s Wife {PDF}

My old school mentor, a guy we called ‘Blue’, used to tell me so many stories about his experiences with women. My favorite story he told is about a beautiful young ‘fly girl’ that he ‘stole’ from a well known and respected hustler from the east coast. The way he seduced this hustler’s wife was slick and he did it by utilizing a clever strategy.

Read this entertaining short story and make sure you pay attention to the strategy, so that you’ll know how to be ‘fully prepared’ before you step to the next married woman.

52 Ways to Get Laid Every Weekend for the Rest of Your Freakin’ Life! {PDF}

This is an oldie but goodie! Back in the day I published a “stupid” e-book for guys on how to get laid by every type of chick and in every possible situation. It became somewhat of a cult-classic among college guys who hung out in online forums and discussion boards.

I was going through one of my old hard drives when I found this “stupid” e-book (I call it “stupid” because that was the name of the self-published company I started back then, Stupid e-book Publications), gave it a read and thought: Hey, this stuff still rocks!

All of the content in this 80-page ebook is very much relevant today, tomorrow and forever. And if you want to get laid every weekend, month after month, and year after year – for the rest of your freakin’ life, this little classic is all you’ll ever need.

Allow me to state this: The value that you get is many times over what you’re going to pay to own this package. That’s how ya boy Romello rolls…

How To Sleep With His Wife: The Manual {PDF ebook}
How To Start an Affair With a Married Coworker in 7 days {PDF Special Report}
Conversation at the Bar {PDF Transcript}
How To Steal a Hustler’s Wife {PDF Short Story}
52 Ways to Get Laid Every Weekend for the Rest of Your Freakin’ Life {PDF ebook}

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Ok, before I say goodbye, I just have to share this ‘success story’ with you…

One of the guys that I read my book sent me an email but he stressed that I couldn’t reveal his real name or where he lives (other than the country)! Once you read what he wrote, you’ll see why (he didn’t want to me to share who he was but he sure did have a lot to say)…

“First of all, you can put this on your website but you can’t show my face, tell my real name or where I live. Here’s my story: I’m engaged to a ‘good girl’. I really do love her. But dude, she has this friend, well, it’s a co-worker of hers…

Anyway, her co-worker is soooo hot!!!  She’s also married.  I met her at the Christmas party for the company where she and my fiancé works. I felt a vibe between us but I was too scared (and a little ashamed) to explore it.

It had only been a few weeks since the Christmas party when you sent me a copy of your book. I saw myself in so much of the book. I stayed up all night reading the book! I couldn’t get that woman out of my mind. A few days after I finished your book, I ended up seeing her again this time by chance at a shopping mall! I was alone and so was she. I was thinking to myself, “This is it? What are you going to do?”

To tell you the truth before I read the book there was no way I would have even talked to her that day in the shopping mall. I would have pretended not to see her. But I was brimming with so much confidence after reading the book that I thought, “What the hell do I have to lose?”

Only my wedding engagement, right?

I approached her, we talked and almost immediately there was a connection. From our conversations I recognized in her many of the things that you talked about in the book. She was lonely. Her husband barely touched her anymore. She needed comfort.

Dude, I tried to fight it, but the opportunity was there and that’s what you talk a lot about in the book, taking advantage of the opportunity…what was I supposed to do? Long story, short: We’ve been sleeping together for a few months and it’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had!

Everything has gone fairly smoothly. There hasn’t been any drama. But I’m not getting too comfortable about it. I’m staying focused. If her husband finds out or my fiance finds out, dude, I don’t even want to think about it! But to be honest, it’s just sex, great sex, but just sex!

She’s not leaving her husband and I’m still planning to get married in August! That’s why I obviously don’t want this to get out! Don’t give my name, dude. Seriously. I just wanted to tell you about my little fling and let you know that what you talked about in the book has worked very well for me!

Brad W., Somewhere USA

Oh, by the way: I recently pitched a movie idea to a Hollywood producer based on this very book. If you ask me, it could be a box office hit! Maybe Brad Pitt will play me! What do you think? Just imagine if your ol’ boy Romello was on the red carpet at a ‘fancy smancy’ Hollywood movie premiere one day?? Wouldn’t that be nuts? Well, if it happens, it’ll only be right for me to be on the red carpet with a married chick…, that is, one on each arm!


Regular price: $47.00

Please read Disclaimer and an important word from the author before your purchase.