How To Ask a Married Woman To Sleep With You

how to ask a married woman to sleep with you

How to ask a married woman to sleep with you seems like an odd question! But there are many guys who would love to know the answer to that question so Romello Mack decided to write about it.

Please read: The following commentary by Romello Mack is for entertainment only. The author of this article, publishing under the name ‘Romello Mack’, DOES NOT recommend the reader get involved in marital affairs. The reader of the following commentary is responsible for his or her own words and/or actions. The commentary is of an adult nature and should ONLY be read by mature adults, 18 years & older.

Ok, so you’re attracted to another man’s wife and you want to sleep with her…how do you pull it off? Should you just approach her and ask her flat out: “Will you sleep with me?”

Oh, um…I don’t think so!

You can’t reach your goal without having a plan

The clear way to set yourself up to be rejected is to make a move on a married woman without having a plan. First of all, what kind of relationship have you already established with this woman? Are you and her friends? Is she a coworker? Is she a neighbor? Does she attend your church? Is she apart of the PTA at your child’s school?

The previous questions may sound a little silly if they don’t reflect your situation but the fact is guys come into contact with married in women in any number of ways. How you know the married woman is something to strongly consider as you put together a strategy to pursue her.

You never just ask a married woman to sleep with you. That proposal should just happen at some moment and it’s likely to happen based on events that have transpired over time. Let’s say that the married woman you have the hots for is a coworker. Well, hopefully you have already had numerous conversations with her. Have you and her had lunch together – just the two of you? Have you had any contact with her outside of the job (including at lunchtime). How has the conversations gone between you two? What makes you think you’ll be able to get her in your bed?

Tension is your friend

I’m asking a lot of questions but that’s how you find your answers! If there is sexual tension between you and a married woman you don’t need to ask her to sleep with you. What you need to do is arrange a scenario that will make it comfortable for her to let her guard down and let you in, if you know what I mean.

Back to the coworker example: You can invite her for drinks after work – just the two of you of course. If you accepts your invitation then you can see where things go throughout the evening and night. Does she loosen up at happy hour and tighten up. Does she exhibit nervous excitement or does she just seem plain ol’ uncomfortable? This process is likely to be a “short” marathon versus a sprint. You will probably have to invest a decent amount of time with her before it gets to the point of you two getting it on in bed. One night stands and flings with married women do happen all of the time however.

If you have spent quite a bit of time with this married woman already and you truly feel that she’s down with sleeping with you, well, what’s the hold up? The bottomline is it’s you that’s keeping things from going further and this is happening because you’re unsure of yourself, too cautious or downright scared! And to keep it real: that’s perfectly fine! You just have to admit how you feel and come to a clear understanding of why you feel what you feel.

How to grow more confident from the build up and seize the moment

Making a definitive move (full of confidence) on a married woman is not an easy thing. You have to have enough courage to simply tell her how you feel and be prepared for whatever her response. But your “moment of confession” should not come out of left field. There should be a build up in which you both have spent time together and expressed the kind of intimate things to each other that will sort of set the scene for the day or night of seduction. You can’t just tell a married woman if barely knows you exist that you want to sleep with her – that’s ridiculous! The moment when you approach her sexually must be in proper context.

Instead of putting yourself on the spot, I strongly suggest that you just let things go with the flow. See what happens. Yes, you want to be able to impress a married woman. But what you don’t want to do is try and put together some sort of script of what you’re going to say and what you’re going to do. Why? Because by doing so you increase your chances of looking like a fool! Just be yourself, go with the flow and make her as comfortable with you and the situation as possible. It’s possible that the married woman might come on to you!

Let her know how you feel. Don’t be afraid to tell a married woman that you have a crush on her. How will she respond? I don’t know! But I do know that you won’t get your chance to sleep with her if she doesn’t even know how you feel.

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