Where to Meet Married Women

where to meet married women

Do you have a thing for married women but you don’t know where to meet married women? Romello Mack reveals where and how to meet married women in your life

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I have a confession: I don’t go out specifically looking for married women. In my experience, when you look for women you’re likely to come up empty. However, when you just live your life day-to-day, you’ll meet women in passing; whether you’re at the gas station, grocery store, or at your local Wal-Mart. Of course, you can’t meet a married woman without knowing how to attract her and the best way to approach her.

Just about every married woman I’ve ever been involved with I met by chance. But, here’s 3 places where you have a better chance of running into a married woman…

Meeting married women on the job

The best place to meet a married woman (in fact, any woman, regardless of her status) is at work. Man, let me tell you: I’ve had affairs with several affairs with women that I worked with. The job is often the only place where a married woman feels free to be who she is and who she wants to be. When she’s at home and living her family life she has to be what her husband and kids expect her to be. But while work can be stressful for her (as it is can be for anyone else) it can also be a place for escape from the confines and drama at home.

This is where you come in…

Being on the job interacting with her on a regular basis gives you plenty of opportunity to “work with her overtime”, if you know what I mean.

Meeting married women at a bar or a night spot

You might be surprised at how many women you’ll find at a bar or nightclub right along with the single ladies. When I go to a nightclub I expect to meet single women who are looking for a husband, but often I end up meeting married women who are trying to get away from their husbands!

A married woman will be at a bar or night spot for any number of reasons. Maybe she’s out with her friends or there alone to have a drink just to unwind. Maybe she’s out looking to meet a man on the side. Some married women will go out for drinks and dancing with their husbands but have wandering eyes for another man in the place.

The night scene is not just for single men and women. Married folks, both men and women, can be found at bars, lounges, nightclubs, parties and even strip joints looking for some fund and excitement. Heck, I know some married dudes who are the biggest players at the club!

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Meeting the housewife in the cereal aisle

Now, if you want to actually go out and specifically meet married women then here’s tip: Go and find stay-at-home mothers at places like Wal-Mart and the grocery store. Yes, you can go after the desperate housewife! You see them with their kids (and often with other housewives) having lunch or doing some shopping at the mall or in the grocery store. In the mornings and early afternoons in the Wal-Mart is an excellent way to meet housewives.

A male co-worker has a better chance of seducing a working married woman but housewives don’t work so you have to go where they go while their husbands are on the job.

You can always troll the Internet…

I stated earlier that the best place to meet a married woman is on the job. While I do believe that, the Internet is probably the easiest way to meet married women. Why? For one thing, there are just so many of them online so you have plenty of options to choose from! Married women go online because they can “hide” behind the computer and still be “free” to take on whatever persona they desire.

There are plenty of ways to meet married online and there are even dating sites like Ashley Madison that specifically target guys looking to have affairs with married women. After you meet her you will have to know how to seduce a married woman online.

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