Why Women Have Affairs

why women have affairs

Why do women have affairs? Instead of listening to the so-called experts, Romello Mack sums up why women have affairs with just one word…

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I’m no relationship expert. I’m not a marriage counselor. But I am a freakin’ player! And I get quite amused when I hear so-called experts talk about why women have affairs. If you want to know why women cheat on their husbands you need to hear it from someone who is very experienced with having affairs with married women. Yes, that’s right, your boy, Romello Mack is about to give you the lowdown!

There is one word that sums up what causes women to have affairs: MISSING.

Let me explain…

You can look at a woman’s life like it’s a puzzle and the pieces of that puzzle are different elements of her life; her marriage, her children, her parents, her siblings, her friends, her career, her church, and so on. But what happens when a piece of the puzzle that is her life is missing? Her life is incomplete. Missing pieces is why a woman has an affair. Something about her life is incomplete and she’s looking to feel that void AND (this is important) her husband is not the right one to fill the void. In fact, he has been negligent or even completely unaware of her unfulfilled need.

In my book I write about the various ways that you can attract a married woman and the kind of shared interests that can bring you and a married woman together. I use an example in my book – let’s say that a married woman on your job enjoys live jazz music but her husband is a rock-n-roll kind of guy. You’re a lover of jazz too. That’s a shared interests that you have with her. Maybe she doesn’t get a chance to go out and listen to live jazz like she wants to because she’s busy with her family life and other things, and her husband isn’t the least bit interested anyway. Enjoying live jazz is something that’s missing in her life. Could you be that missing piece that completes her puzzle?

Whatever is missing in her life does not have to be something major, life-altering. The missing piece in her life could simply be a recreational activity. What’s missing in her life could be an engaging conversation about a subject that she’s passionate about, a subject that her husband wouldn’t spend 2 minutes talking about.

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Some women are single, some have boyfriends, others are married, but just about all of them have missing pieces in their lives. They have unfulfilled wants and needs. If you’re the right guy at the right time that can fill her want or need, there’s a good chance that she will “thank you” in more ways than one.

There’s a mindset popularized by a stand-up comedy routine by Chris Rock that men don’t have female friends, just women they haven’t had sex with yet. Well, most true players know that if a woman isn’t cheating on her boyfriend or husband it’s not necessarily because she is so happy and secure in the relationship. She simply hasn’t come into contact with the right guy at the right time who can satisfy a unfulfilled need and be the missing piece to the puzzle of her life.

Boyfriends and husbands make the mistake of believing that their love game is so sharp and their girlfriends or wives would never cheat on them. Please!!! For example, a guy may think that just because he’s a “monster” in the bedroom that his woman would never stray when she’s getting is so good at home. Well, her unfulfilled need may not be about sex. Maybe what she longs for is “mind sex”; stimulating conversation that goes on for hours and her man can barely speak in a complete sentence, while you are known for your gift of gab. Your great conversation with her could lead into the bedroom…

You don’t have to spend time psycho-analyzing women. Women have affairs because something (not someone) is missing. No, you’re not a gift to a married woman but you may have a quality (or set of qualities) that sets you apart from others, her husband in particular and that thing about you is what she connects with. It could be your shared love of jazz, of dogs (or even a specific breed), of romantics comedies, or your shared love for a specific place such as a travel destination or just a romantic getaway spot in your local town that has stunning views.

Many guys who do have affairs with married women mistakenly believe the reason for the affair is due to their good looks, charm and overall ability to seduce the ladies. Not even! A woman will have an affair because she is seeking her own satisfaction; whether physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. She is not seeking to stroke your ego. Whether you get with another man’s wife has little to do with your looks vs. his, your car vs. his, etc., but more about what’s missing in her life and whether you’re the one that can fulfill that specific need.

A married woman is likely to have an affair because regardless of how “great” her husband is, he can’t begin to know how to satisfy her every need – when, where, why and how she needs it satisfied. Therefore many of her needs will go unmet. But could you be the right guy at the right time to satisfy just one of her needs?

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